Iva Nelson, City Clerk of Gadsden

2019 AAMCA Clerk of the Year

Lynnette Ogden, MMC, IIMC Region III Director 2013-2016


Lynnette Ogden is the Town Clerk for the Town of Millport, Alabama.  Lynnette has been the Town Clerk for Millport 31 years and employed there 36 years.  Lynnette achieved her Master Municipal Clerk status in March, 2003 becoming the fourth clerk in the State of Alabama to achieve the MMC (the first three were grandfathered in when IIMC established the MMC status) and the first African American in the State of Alabama to achieve the MMC status. Lynnette is a member of the Alabama Association of Municipal Clerks (AAMCA) and has held the position of Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and ascending to President of AAMCA in 2010. Lynnette served as AAMCA District Two Director several years and served on numerous AAMCA committees chairing several.  Lynnette was selected as The State of Alabama and AAMCA Clerk of the Year in 2005 by a committee of her peers. Lynnette received her Thirty Year Service Award from the Alabama League of Municipalities in 2010.  Lynnette is a proud member of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) for twenty four years and has served on several IIMC committees: Election, Constitution Review Task Force, Conference Planning and as Vice Chair of the Membership committee before beginning service on the IIMC Board of Directors in May, 2013 as Region III Director.  Lynnette has attended all IIMC Conferences except one since the 1998 Mobile, AL conference to the 2016 Omaha, Nebraska conference.  Lynnette is a member of the IIMC Athenian Leadership Society and was bestowed the honor of Athenian Fellow at the 2016 IIMC Conference in Omaha, Nebraska.   Lynnette enjoyed the last three years serving IIMC as Region III Board of Director. It was a very educational and rewarding experience. I have enjoyed traveling to the states in our Region sharing in their educational experiences and getting to know the wonderful clerks that make IIMC Region III so great!!!!  Lynnette has been selected by IIMC President Vincent Buttigileri, MMC and IIMC President Elect Mary Kayser to serve as Vice Chair of the powerful IIMC Conference Committee for 2016-2017 and she will ascend to Chair of the IIMC Conference Committee at the IIMC Conference in Montreal, Canada in May, 2017.


Gail Busbey, 2013 IIMC Quill Award Receipent


Gail Busbey has 49 years of experience in municipal government, 25 years as a City Clerk-Treasure and 5 years as a Chief Financial Officer.  She is currently working in a consulting role with municipal governments.

Gail graduated magna cud laude from Athens University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.  She holds a Master of Science Degree in Administration from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where she graduated with the highest grade point average in the school, receiving UAH’s Highest Academic Achievement Award.

Gail has served in every office of AAMCA, as well as serving as District Director for District XI for a number of years.  She has also served on a number of AAMCA committees and has made substantial contributions to AAMCA’s Scholarship Fund.

She had the great honor of serving a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Municipal Clerks. 

Gail has received dozens of career and civic awards, but she is proudest of being selected by her fellow clerks as Alabama’s Municipal Clerk of the Year in 1988 and a recipient of IIMC’s Quill Award in 2013.  Among many other cherished awards, Gail takes great pride in receiving the Brotherhood Award from the NCCJ (formerly the National Conference of Christians and Jews) for her work and influence in the community for promoting racial harmony.

In 1990, Gail was honored by Governor Hunt as being the outstanding Volunteer of the Year for the State of Alabama 

She also has the distinction of being the first MMC in the State of Alabama.  Serving on IIMC’s Membership Committee in 1992, she received IIMC’s Membership Award for the highest registration of new members, assisting IIMC in passing the 10,000 membership mark for the first time.  Gail has taught numerous classes and workshops for AAMCA, the Alabama League of Municipalities, local governments and civic groups.  She became a Registered Parliamentarian in 2000.  Gail created and maintains a Facebook Page for Municipal Clerks and retired Municipal Clerks. 

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