The Alabama Association of Municipal Clerks and Administrators is a professional association of municipal clerks and officials in Alabama.  It is affiliated with the Alabama League of Municipalities and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.

The purpose of AAMCA is to improve the administration of municipal governments in Alabama by increasing the proficiency and professionalism of Municipal Clerks, Assistant Clerks, City Managers and Administrators, Administrative Assistants, City Treasurers, Finance Officers and Purchasing Agents.  Our objectives are:  to  establish a  cohesive group of persons with similar duties; to promote the recognition and appreciation of the importance of the office of the Municipal Clerk; to maintain continuity in government; to enlist and train qualified public employees; to exchange and disseminate information, ideas and techniques relating to the duties of the members; and to strengthen and assist the Alabama League of Municipalities.


The Alabama Association of Municipal Clerks and Administrators began November 18, 1970 at the Fifth Annual Management Training Institute for City Clerks at the University of Alabama.

The “Clerks Association” was formed on April 20, 1971 by a vote of Municipal Clerks present at the annual convention of  the Alabama League of Municipalities in Montgomery.  Mr. William Francis Pearson, City Clerk of Opelika, was elected Chairman of the organization and a committee was formed to draft a constitution.

At the League convention in Mobile, on April 25, 1972, the Alabama Association of Municipal Clerks and Administrators was formally established by the adoption of a constitution and by-laws.  Mr. Pearson was elected our first President and he has been succeeded in that office by:  William Watson, Brundidge; C.T. “Bud” Porch, Alexander City; Mary L. Potter, Saraland; John Nowell, Opelika; Tyron E. Tisdale, CMC, Auburn; Barabara Ann Baggette, CMC, Daphne; Carolyn Mozingo, CMC,  Marion; Norma K. Willis, Ashland; Bettie Scott, CMC, Pell City; Dan Tunmire, CMC, Hueytown; and Martha Elrod, CMC, Gadsen.    



In 1984, IIMC was successful in getting a resolution passed by the Congress of the United States designating the second full week in May as Municipal Clerks’ Week.  This permanent designation was then affirmed by a proclamation of President Ronald Regan.  Municipal Clerks’ Week is celebrated in towns and cities across the country and is designed to focus attention, recognition and appreciation upon the office of the Municipal Clerk.

AAMCA holds Municipal Clerks’ Day each year during Municipal Clerks’ Week.  Clerks from all over the state gather on this day to be honored by government officials and to enjoy the fellowship of other Clerks in a setting designated for fun and relaxation.  A Municipal Clerk of the Year is selected at this gathering.

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